Monday, March 2, 2015

Single Bound be Gone

I am a self help junkie.  I went to a Robert Allen seminar at 21 and fell in love with the idea of pushing your way to success, proving everyone wrong by merely outworking them and leveraging the power of your good intentions.  I believe that Think and Grow Rich is a way of life, not just a bestselling book.  I see myself as an Outlier and have been living the mantra of early bird get the worm, outwork the competition and staying laser focused on my goals. 

All of this high intensity success speak has led to a somewhat obsessive relationship with my desires, a need to push myself, sometimes to utter exhaustion.  And yet, despite all of these legends (Napoleon Hill, Robert Allen, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Kiyosaki) telling me to put my nose to the grindstone and delay gratification, I am finally coming to see another side of that coin.

MJ Durkin is a sales coaching professional.  He takes on organizations that are looking to increase their productivity and bottom line and trains them in technique, as well as something he calls, "inner game".  His specialty is network marketing enterprises.  I started with his coaching program about 4 weeks ago and am already discovering a completely different perspective on success and motivation.

MJ says, "

In order to attract more great things into your life you have to appreciate the ones you've got! Many of you keep focusing on what you don't have or what you haven't accomplished yet. That just shuts off the flow of abundance. To take your business to the next level you have to savor, relish and bask in even the smallest of successes. Most of you are too hard on yourselves!!!! Relax, enjoy, savor and let success find its way to you. If you want "effortless income" then let it be effortless!

Who would have thought that after all this time, the key to achieving your goals was to relish, bask and milk all of the small successes along the way.  I mean, it is so much healthier to be happy about getting halfway to your goal than to be stressed that you didn't get it 100%.  I mean, the "problem" with goal setting is that if you expect to have a 100% success ratio, you will be disappointed in yourself a lot of the time, sometimes to the point of losing faith in your own word and intentions, and that is a dangerous place to be.

I'm in an accountability group with some other reps and every day we update each other on our daily activity.  Usually, my posts look something like: 2/28 Affirmations done. Self Talk done.  Listened to 30 minutes of Sales Training audio (done).  Made 25 calls, set 3 appts, picked up 2#s.

But, this past weekend, after traveling across state lines, through boroughs meeting with clients and teammates and staying up late to nurse some under the weather babies, I was exhausted.  My post on Sunday was: 3/1 Affirmations done. Family time done.  And I was hesitant to post it.  I felt like I hadn't done enough to be worth mentioning.  I did nothing for my business that day, other than rest and prepare for the next one.  But, that too is something to celebrate.  I don't have to be stressed about what I'm not doing, but should instead be grateful for all that I am able to do and will continue doing as I progress towards my destination.

Most of us see our goal as a final destination called Success and end up stressing out every day that we take  a single step and don't land on the front door.  Instead, I am starting to enjoy the idea of success as a right of passage. Every day we rejoice that we are one step closer to proving our growth and worthiness to join the fold of those who came before us.

Day 16s reason my business is awesome: I don't have to stress the destination, but instead get to rejoice in each step along the way

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